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'68 Technical Information

Vehicle Identification Number

The 1967 model's Vehicle Identification Number is located on a stainless steel plate riveted to the left door jamb on the hinge post facing. The 1968-71 models have a plate visible through the windshield on the driver's side dash panel. Use this section to decipher the tag yourself or let our web application do it for you. (V.I.N. Information)

Body Tag Information

The body tag gives information about the model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacturer. This tag is found riveted to the firewall near the master cylinder on the 1967-69 models. Use this section to decipher the tag yourself or let our web application do it for you. (Body Tag Information)

Pontiac Sales Album

An enhanced reproduction of the original Pontiac Sales Manual used in 1968 showrooms which described all the equipment that was available on the Firebird. This album has become a rare and valuable resource. (More)

Drivetrain ID Number Information

Find engine, transmission, axle, carburetor, distributor, and head casting identification codes and information in this section. (More)

AMA Specifications

Find detailed techniqual information and specifications in this section. The types of information include body dimensions, bore and stroke, firing order, rocker ratio, valve system timing, ignition system breaker gap for the 1968 Pontiac Firebird. (More)

Standard Equipment

This section contains a listing of all the standard equipment found on all five Firebird models as taken from an original 1968 Pontiac Sales Manual. (More)

Accessories for your 1968 Pontiac Wide-Track

An original 1968 Pontiac Sales Manual listing all options and accessories that were available on the Pontiac Firebird was used to create this comprehensive list. Sample images to most of the options and accessories are available in this section. All you need to do while your in this section is click on  [Sample] to view a sample image. Try it out by viewing a Radio, Pushbutton-Man. Ant., Front - Code 382 sample image. Use the information in this section along with a Billing History Card to verify the options and accessories that were originally equiped on your Firebird. (More)

Paint and Trim Samples

Find on the Body Tag Information page paint and trim samples with matching codes from the body tag. (More)

Car Storage Information

Some things you might want to do before you put your Firebird in winter storage. These suggestions came from Pontiac Historic Services and an information packet I picked up over the years. (More)

First Generation Firebird FAQs

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for first generation Firebirds that have been asked on First Generation Firebird-L. Answers from estimated value of your car, where to buy a certain part, to how do you convert drum brakes to disk brakes. Special thanks needs to be given to all the Firebird-L owners that took the time to respond to other subscribers questions. These pages are continuously updated as new information is posted on the mailing list. (More)

Dealer Technical Bulletins

These were the documents sent out by Pontiac to keep the dealers informed about changes, problems, or solutions with their cars. Now you can find them at your fingertips. (Note: Future addition will include the '67 and '69 bulletins.) (More)

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